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Yarra Valley Living Centre

Mindset Mastery - with Lila Rickard

Clearly we are at a major shift—in values, in economics, in consciousness. We can either contribute to the emerging opportunity of our higher evolution or join the surmounting forces pulling us down. At a personal level, is my life moving in alignment with my inner purpose?

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Mindset Mastery - with Lila Rickard
Mindset Mastery - with Lila Rickard

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Yarra Valley Living Centre, 55 Rayner Ct, Yarra Junction VIC 3797, Australia

About the event

Life itself supports this quest by providing us with what is often unexpected... our own potential.  When we see this so clearly that we act on it, we are rewarded with a sense of fulfilment and contentment.  The formula is simple, the spring automatic, when we focus on how to:

  • Harness the mechanisms of change that will re-route us from adapting to transforming;
  • Understand and manage the contradictions and constraints that life hands us;
  • Identify the new paradigms of the coming age and position ourselves for succeeding;
  • Reinforce our existing strengths in anticipation of future opportunities;
  • Build cooperation with the like-minded;
  • Sharpen the thinking process that will lead us to a supportive environment;
  • And, power up the energy required for the next leap.

At the Yarra Valley Living Centre, we are offering a proven, time-tested path, a 7-day retreat that leads across the threshold into awakening and actualizing.

The facilitator, Lila Rickard, has run this seminar in Delhi and Goa, and in Australia at the Blue Mountains, Illawarra District and Peninsula.

The approach is holistic. Lila integrates knowledge and experience from multiple sources: emotional intelligence, neuroscience, metaphysics, mindfulness, mythology and meditation.


Jessica - (Four days after the retreat, and I'm still feeling the energy!)  Lila is a great teacher. Because of the depth and variety of her spiritual journey, I felt like I was coming in contact with the best of a multitude of a multitude of spiritual communities. She made the Retreat like a conversation, rather than a lecture, with all of us free to ask questions from a rational or intellectual perspective or from an emotional one. She is a great listener and because of her own transparency about her journey, I felt I could share anything with her. In terms of the retreat content, it gave me what my critical intellectual side demanded – i.e., a rational, scientific grounding – while also looking at meditation and personal life journeys.

Denise - I’ve never been to anything like this before. Before coming I took a severe mental and physical battering and I was desperate for help, but didn’t know what help I needed. I got to India in a wheel chair. What was I expecting? I don’t know, but not what I got – which was transformational. I’m not the least bit spiritual. If someone said, ‘go on a retreat,’ I’ve had said, ‘you’re off with the fairies.’ I’m still not sure I’m one of them but I’m definitely going to continue. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Karen - I had no idea what to expect. I’ve always been too busy to do these retreats. I came on blind faith that it would be amazing and it was. I’m in a place in life where I need to consolidate and rethink and I’ve been able to do that in a warm, loving environment with some very powerful meditations and some guidance as to where I’m going to go next.

Jodie - I think the practice is really beautiful and I love how spiritually based it is, and that is what I crave. It comes from you lila being such a beautiful facilitator, having so much shakti and love. The guidance is so adept that we don’t realize what is happening. I feel totally different than I did three days ago when I came and I can’t believe that. It is so powerful because it is spiritually-based.

Carson - It was powerful, calming and insightful.  For me, this is the start of a new and different way of thinking. It made my thoughts coherent and clear. I now have the necessary tools to keep going. The clarity gives me the ability to keep going.  Lila was extraordinary.  She was so engaging, helpful and intuitive.

Georgia - Intense. Full on and amazing. One of the most informative, reassuring retreats I've been on. And its been “Aha!” after “Aha!”  And now I cannot deny what I need to do.

George - The structure, material and delivery of the course have been so engaging and effective, and allowed us to find out something that is so important. This was exactly what I needed.

Elyse - Fantastic!  It has given me clarity to what I have been feeling in the last couple of years. It has given me a a chance to answer questions that I was asking.

Phylis -  Enlightening, empowering, liberating.  It has cleaned out the clutter so I could find direction and clarity.

Matt - I came without the expectation of finding my purpose. But now I find the issues I have in my life will now be solved. I'm ready to go and follow my purpose, and that is just incredible.

Sarah - Even though I felt like I was already on the right path, I found this to be so useful. The exercises helped me draw out the answers from a deeper place, and this process has helped me advance towards my purpose.

Angela - Centring, quietening, opening.  This has really helped me focus on myself. I am always focusing on others, and it was a chance to restore love and care for myself. Through that I've been able to clarify my focus to help others in a way that is true to myself.

Sudha - Amazing.  Thank you Lila for enabling me to recognise my purpose because my mind was so cluttered and this has helped me clear that.   I feel joyful and relaxed.

Vicky -  It was fantastic, reassuring and increased my faith.  The facilitation was excellent, to the point and encouraging.  My experience has been an amazing breakthrough. Thank you.  I look forward to taking what we learned and gained and applying it in the world.

Tom - We had the perfect guide and liberator for our inner purpose.  Lila was excellent, liberating, appreciative, knowledgeable, something to aspire to.

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