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7-9 January

Ready to Move On?

How often have you found yourself looking forward to next year, fingers crossed, hoping against all hope that it will somehow just be better? 


Of course many people have found that COVID has given them the chance to reassess, to jump of the madness of life and feel what it feels like to live with a different rhythm. 


And while that is true, it doesn't negate the fact that there have been, and perhaps still are, some significant challenges with life right now. 


Closing the past consciously, carefully and creatively is all about preparing ourselves for New Beginnings. The foundations of something new must be built on solid ground. 


This weekend is designed specifically to offer you the space, the environment and the guidance to reset yourself for a 2022 that you will love living. 


The art is about repackaging the old story. The science is in understanding what your neurology needs to move into what's next, unencumbered by the past.


Caroline Ward is your facilitator for this weekend. Caroline's gift and expertise is in guiding individuals and groups through transition times in their lives - be they chosen or imposed. She is the Founder of The Shifting Space, is an artful facilitator and guide, is a contemporary yogi, a resident at the Yarra Valley Living Centre and someone who is certain that the future we would love to live is undeniably in our hands.  

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