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About Us

A little bit of history...

For more than three decades, people have travelled from all over Australia to this magical land, finding solace, healing, clarity and hope at the Yarra Valley Living Centre.

Many, if not most Australians, have heard the name Ian Gawler. Ian’s holistic approach to surviving his own cancer became the seed of the Gawler Foundation, an organization that has helped tens of thousands of people facing cancer and other serious health challenges.


Going forward...

Entering this next chapter, the international NGO for mediation and peace, The Brahma Kumaris, become the new custodians of this sacred space. More than 80 years of committed service throughout the world, the BKs hold firm to a vision of human awakening; a vision of living in harmony with ourselves, nature and all life. 

And so, as we navigate from now into the future, this haven is being slightly re-purposed.

The 'heart' economy...

Through the BKs we have practiced the ethics and functionality of what we like to call the 'heart' economy. 

As we co-create a future that we would all love to be living, we know that sharing from the heart will always work. That's why we have always cultivated a pay-it-forward culture. For more than 80 years the BKs have shared the gift of Raja Yoga in over 100 countries. Depending on programming and associated costs, there may be a suggested donation, but that is always in your hands...and heart. We know that this is what works. 

Our Sanctuary

Meditation Sanctuary 1.jpg

Meet The Team

The YVLC is now hosted by a volunteer team of dedicated ‘conscious living’ practitioners who have studied, shared and lived these principles collectively in close to 100 countries around the world. They feel blessed to be trustees of this space and look forward to welcoming other spiritually inclined travellers who seek solitude, joy and 'home'. 

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Maureen (Morni) Chen 

Author of Mystic at the Edge, Morni has been an adventurous spirit her whole life. An Australian who has been a meditator for close to 50 years, Morni, a full-time 'yogi', has lived most of her adult life in Asia and is now the Brahma Kumaris

Co-ordinator of YVLC. 

Caroline Ward

Caroline Ward

Caroline is best know for her wisdom of the Feminine Way and her expertise in transition - for individuals and organisations particularly through her Melbourne based consultancy About People. She is the author and facilitator of The Four Faces of Woman, has travelled to more than 60 countries and recently returned to Australia after 13 years in Chile. 

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Babu Ranchod

Babu's boundless energy and ability to fix, manage, maintain and renovate almost anything - from cars, and machinery to landscaping and building projects - makes him an invaluable member of YVLC. The fact that he is honing his love of baking sourdough bread, also makes him much loved! 


Shriram Darfalkart

Shriram can turn his hand at anything. Professionally he has created and managed massive events with tens of thousands of people. At YVLC his dedicated work as Pastoral Carer has now expanded to include running the plant-based kitchen with deliciously nourishing Indian and Western cuisine. For Shriram, anything is possible and 'yes' energy means everyone is included and feels part of a big family. 

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Ross Williams

Ross loves to be of service. He is a highly skilled carpenter who can turn his hand at most things - including baking brilliant cakes! Ross's love for any task, his planning capacity and his decades of meditation practice make him a treasured member of the team. 

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