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To 'winter' (vb.)

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Embracing the Art of "Wintering":

A Reflection on Nature's Seasonal Rhythm


In a world that often seems to prioritise constant activity and productivity, it is crucial to recognize the significance of rest and introspection. Just as nature has its seasons, with each bringing its own unique charm and purpose, there exists a verb that encapsulates the art of stepping back, embracing stillness, and nourishing the soul – "to winter." Derived from the season itself, "wintering" is an invented verb that symbolizes the invaluable process of introspection and hibernation, mirroring nature's inherent wisdom. Join us on a journey to explore the profound meaning behind this verb and discover how it can benefit our lives.

The Magic of Wintering

Winter, often characterized by cold weather and barren landscapes, possesses a captivating beauty. Beneath its icy surface lies a world of introspection and transformation. Trees shed their leaves, wildlife retreats to cozy dens, and the earth rests, preparing for a new cycle of growth. Similarly, "to winter" signifies a deliberate act of taking time for oneself, a period dedicated to reflection, self-care, and personal growth.

Finding Stillness and Reflection

In our fast-paced society, finding time for stillness can be challenging. However, "to winter" encourages us to embrace the power of introspection. By intentionally carving out moments of quiet reflection, we allow our minds to settle, enabling us to gain deeper insights into ourselves and our surroundings. Just as winter grants nature the opportunity to regenerate, "wintering" offers us a chance to recharge, reassess our goals, and cultivate self-awareness.

Embracing Hibernation and Rest

Hibernation is an integral part of nature's rhythm, and "to winter" urges us to recognize the importance of rest. Much like animals retreating to their cozy shelters, we too can benefit from taking a break and nurturing our physical and emotional well-being. Whether it's curling up with a good book, practicing meditation, or engaging in other activities that bring us joy and peace, "wintering" allows us to replenish our energy and restore balance to our lives.

Nourishing the Soul

Just as winter nourishes the earth with snowfall, "to winter" offers an opportunity to nourish our souls. It is during this season of introspection that we can stop and check in how we are doing. Are we enjoying our lives or are we simply in the routine of it all? Do we love what we do, who we are, who we are with and how we are showing up on our work and relationships? Whether through journaling, drawing, meditating, or simply reconnecting with the things that bring us joy, "wintering" enables us to deepen our connection with ourselves and cultivate a sense of inner fulfillment.

The Power of Emergence

Winter's beauty lies not only in its stillness but also in the promise of what is to come. As the days grow longer and spring approaches, nature gradually awakens from its slumber, bursting forth with renewed vitality. Similarly, the process of "wintering" sets the stage for personal growth and the emergence of new possibilities. By allowing ourselves the space and time to introspect, we can gain clarity, strengthen our resilience, and prepare to embrace the next chapter of our lives.


In a world that often encourages constant activity and productivity, "to winter" offers a much-needed reminder of the importance of rest, introspection, and personal growth. Just as nature's seasonal rhythm teaches us about the beauty of hibernation, "wintering" provides an invaluable opportunity to nurture our souls, recharge our energy, and emerge stronger and more resilient. So, let us embrace the art of "wintering" and allow ourselves the gift of introspection, mirroring the rhythmic wisdom of nature.

Here at The Yarra Valley Living Centre we are about to launch personal wintering spaces. Have a look and see how you feel.

Here's a lovely, warm heart-centred meditation if you're looking to do some home-based wintering.

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Jun 19, 2023

Great piece.

There is a wonderful book about wintering.

"Wintering- The power of rest and retreat in difficult times"

By: Katherine May

Replying to

Thanks for that Katherine... will check it out.


Love it! I will be practicing Wintering. Many thanks Debra

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